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What are Microsoft Cognitive Services?

Give your bot some superpowers. Go beyond a great conversationalist to a bot that can recognize a user in photos, moderate content, make smart recommendations, translate language and more. [Cognitive Services]( enable your bot to see, hear, and interpret in more human ways.

What is the Azure Bot Service?

Azure Bot Service speeds up development by providing an integrated environment that’s purpose-built for bot development with the [Microsoft Bot Framework]( connectors and BotBuilder SDKs. Developers can get started in seconds with out-of-the-box templates for scenarios including basic, form, language understanding, question and answer, and proactive bots.

What is QnAMaker?

[QnA Maker]( enables you to power a question and answer service from your semi-structured content. One of the basic requirements in writing your own Bot service is to seed it with questions and answers. In many cases, the questions and answers already exist in content like FAQ URLs/documents, product manuals, etc. With QnA Maker, users can query your application in a natural, conversational manner. QnA Maker uses machine learning to extract relevant question-answer pairs from your content. It also uses powerful matching and ranking algorithms to provide the best possible match between the user query and the questions.

What is LUIS?

A machine learning-based service to build natural language into apps, bots, and IoT devices. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models that continuously improve.

Why did Microsoft develop the Bot Framework?

While the Conversation User Interface (CUI) is upon us, at this point few developers have the expertise and tools needed to create new conversational experiences or enable existing applications and services with a conversational interface their users can enjoy. We have created the Bot Framework to make it easier for developers to build and connect great bots to users, wherever they converse, including on Microsoft’s premier channels. ## Channels

If I want to create a bot for Skype, what tools and services should I use?

The Bot Framework is designed to build, connect, and deploy high quality, responsive, performant and scalable bots for Skype and many other channels. The SDK can be used to create text/SMS, image, button and card-capable bots (which constitute the majority of bot interactions today across conversation experiences) as well as bot interactions which are Skype-specific such as rich audio and video experiences. If you already have a great bot and would like to reach the Skype audience, your bot can easily be connected to Skype (or any supported channel) via the Bot Builder for REST API (provided it has an internet-accessible REST endpoint). ## Security and Privacy












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